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Full text of "By-laws of the Boston Art Students' Association"

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A.SSOCI^TIO]^ —- — H- 

P'OUlSrDED 1879. 
1NOOR3?OII^TED 1888. 




FOXJis^DED 1879. 

/^ A' 

• • • •• c 



This Society shall be called the BOSTON ART STU- 
DENTS' ASSOCIATION, and its objects shall be :— 

First. To supplement the academic training of the 
School or Schools of Art connected with the Museum of 
Fine Arts. 

Second. To assist its members in their artistic career. 

Third, To cultivate a spirit of fraternity among art 

Fourth. To- promote the interests of art in the city of 


Board of Govern')nent. 

The Board of Government shall be a President, a Vice- 
President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and Directors, and if 
necessary, an Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. 
The Directors shall consist of not less than fiye members, 

and may be increased as the needs of the Association shall 
demand. A majority of the Board of Government shall 
always be chosen from those persons who are or have been 
students in the School or Schools of Art connected with the 


Ditties of Office?^ s. 

The President shall exercise the usual functions of a pre- 
siding officer, and in his absence the Vice-President shall 
act for him. 

If the President and the Vice-President shall both be ab- 
sent from any meeting, the members present shall choose a 
presiding officer. 

The Treasurer shall keep the funds of the Association, 
collect all dues, pay all bills approved by the President or 
Vice-President, and shall submit an annual report of the 
financial condition of the Association, and of all moneys 
received and disbursed during the year. 

The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence, keep 
the records, and issue the notices of the Association. 

The Directors shall attend to such duties in connection 
with meetings, exhibitions, and other work of the Associa- 
tion, as are not specially provided for. 

The Board of Government shall have power to fill any 
vacancies which may occur among the officers of the Asso- 


Member shijK 

Membersbij^ in the Association shall consist of four 
classes — Active, Associate, Life, and Honorary, but 
only those persons who are practising or studying Art, or 
are following a profession or industry allied to Art, shall be 
eligible for membership in the first three of these classes, 
and the number of persons admitted to the Association who 
hive not studied in the School or Schools connected with 
the Museum shall never exceed one third of its active mem- 
bership . 

Active Members. 

Active members shall pay an entrance fee of two dollars, 
and such annual fee as Section XVI. of the By-Laws 
shall direct. But this annual fee shall be a sum not less 
than one dollar or more than four dollars, according to the 
need of the Association. These members may enjoy all 
the privileges of the Association. 

Associate Members. 

Associate members may be those persons, who, living at 
a distance so that they cannot enjoy all privileges of the 
Association, shall yet retain their connection with the body, 
after having j)aid five dollars into the treasury, either in 
annual fees or otherwise, and these persons may at any 
time, by application to the Board of Government, be made 
active or life member^. They shall have no vote in the 

business affairs of the Association, nor shall they be eligible to 
hold any position on the Board of Government. They 
shall not be assessed for the annual fee, but shall pay one 
dollar to the Association every live years. The Committee 
in charge of the School or Schools at the Museum, the in- 
structors in them, and all those persons who are honorary 
members of the Association at the time this By-Law is passed^ 
may be considered members of this class, but they shall not 
be assessed for any fee. \ 

Life Members, 
Life members shall pay an entrance fee of two dollars 
and the additional sum of forty dollars, either in one pay- 
ment or in successive annual instalments of ten dollars. 
They shall enjoy all the privileges of active members, and 
always be exempt from the annual fee. 

Honorary Members, 
Honorary members shall not be assessed for any fees. 
They shall enjoy all the privileges of active members. 


Candidates for Admissio7i. 
Candidates for admission shall first receive the approval 
of the committee on admission. They shall then be sub- 
mitted to a vote of the Association at any regular meetings 
after having had their names posted at least one week 
before the meetinsr. Five negcative votes shall exclude a 

candidate. The votes of absent members shall be received 
on written proxies only. 

Candidates for honorary membership shall be submitted 
to the Association to be voted on by the Board of Govern- 
ment, but in their case the approval of the committee on 
admission shall not be required, nor shall it be necessary to 
post their names before the meeting. 


Anmtal Meeting^ 
The annual meeting for the election of officers, and the 
transaction of such other business as may come before 
the Association, shall be held on any day between the iirst 
day of September and the tenth day of December, that the 
Board of Government shall appoint. The President'or 
Vice-President shall* be authorized to call additional meetings 
upon the written request of any five members, and this 
request shall be entered in the records of the Association. 



Twelve members shall constitute a quorum for the 
transaction of business. 


Fees Due, 
The annual fee shall be due at or before the annual 
imeeting. The names of all members who shall not have 


paid their fee for the previous year shall be dropped from 
the list of membership after having received at least one 
month's notice from the Treasurer ; but upon the payment 
of all arrears they shall be restored to membership. 


Expulsion- from Membership, 
Any member who shall be guilty of improper conduct 
calculated to bring the Association into disrepute, may be 
expelledf from membership by a two thirds vote of the 
members present at any regular meeting ; no member shall 
be expelled, however, until he shall have had notice of such 
intention on the part of the Association, and has been given 
an opportunity of being heard in his own defence. 


Use of Funds. 
If the funds in the hands of the Treasurer at the close of 
the year, after deducting all expenses, shall have reached 
one hundred and fifty dollars, the said sum shall be paid 
to the committee in charge of the School or Schools of Art 
connected with the Museum of Fine Arts, to be used as 
the Association shall direct. 


Committee on Admission, 
The committer on admission shall be elected -yearly at 
any regular meeting of the Association. It shall consist 


of five members and three at least of whom shall be persons 
who are, or have been, students in the School or Schools 
at the Museum. 


Committee for Regular Exhibltioiis, 
The Board of Government shall constitute a committee 
of selection, to which all pictures contributed for the 
regular exhibition shall be submitted, and they shall decide 
what Works shall be accepted and wdiat rejected. 


Rules for JExhibitions, 
The Board of Government shall be authorized to make 
such special rules and regulations in relation to meetings 
and exhibitions as may be found necessary in the discharge 
of their duties. 


Any section of these By-Laws frop Section I. to Section 
XIV. inclusive may be amended or repealed at any regu- 
lar meeting of the Association by a three fourths vote of 
the members present, notice of the general nature of such 
lamendment or repeal having been given at least one month 
Ibefore. All other sections may be amended or appealed 
ait any regular meeting by a majority vote. 



Annual Report. 

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to make an annual 
report of the work of the Association, which report shall, 
w^ith the approval of the Board of Government, be printed 
and circulated among the members. 


Annual Fee, 

The annual fee for active members of the Association 
shall be two dollars. 


Exhibitions and R^'Ceptions, 

There shall be an annual exhibition of work done by the 
members of the Association. No work done in the regular 
classes of the Schools shall be shown at this exhibition. 
The Board of Government shall also be authorized to 
appoint such other exhibitions, receptions, or meetings for 
social intercourse as may seem to them to be for the wel- 
fare of the Association.